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"A valid aid to answering, ‘Who Am I?’"
–Karen S. Peterson, USA Today

"Other similar books come to mind in reviewing this one: Karen Horney's Neurosis and Human Growth, Carl Jung's Psychological Types, and Christopher Lasch's The Culture of Narcissism are certainly three of the best. But none is so immediately accessible as this book by Oldham and Morris, none so challenging, so immediately helpful to the reader."
–Michael A. LaCombe, M.D., The American Journal of Medicine

"I browsed this book for amusement and stayed to be educated. Addressed in a personal, intimate style to you, the reader, the book proposes to reveal your unique personality portrait and to help you with the personality styles of others. And it delivers very well.... The 14 styles comprise traits that are normal when moderate and played sotto voce but become a disorder if they are too rigid or pervasively applied and so cause difficulty.... The book is crisply written and free of jargon. Its careful illustration of traits as they range from style to disorder brings to life the strengths and pitfalls of each. Interweaving them in the areas of work, relationships, and self-control, the authors provide what amounts to a rich and thoroughgoing course on intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics. Apparently aimed at a lay audience, in fact the book makes a delightful and instructive read at any level of training."
–Kenneth Z. Altshuler, M.D., American Journal of Psychiatry

The New Personality Self-Portrait: Why You Think, Work, Love, and Act the Way You Do

The 107-question test produces a personality profile in 14 dimensions of normal style, based on the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-IV diagnostic system. The chapters reveal how each style impacts all areas of your life and how others with each style affect you. It includes a thorough discussion of each personality style and its extreme--a personality disorder--and offers tips on how to change and how to decode the sometimes mystifying behavior of others. A classic, this book is now in its 30th printing.


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Critically acclaimed life-as-novel memoir
A groundbreaking, best-selling self-assessment test and guide to personality styles, now in its 30th printing.
Self-assessment test
107-question personality self-test and interpretative profile, which can be taken online at a special introductory price.
With Robert Lipsyte
From The New York Times series about the Perlman Music Program by Lois B. Morris and Robert Lipsyte

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