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New Personality Self-Portrait Test

A self-report measure that allows individuals to discover their personality structures, The New Personality Self-Portrait (NPSP) illustrates the wide range of normal personality styles that combine to create each individual's unique personality profile and demonstrates how each personality style influences relationships, work, and home life. The 14 personality styles identified in the NPSP are the common, adaptive versions of the more extreme pathological constellations described in the DSM-IV and DSM-V classification manual. Intended for individuals aged 18 years and older, The NPSP consists of 107 items that are designed to highlight crucial personality characteristics, and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Upon completion of the questionnaire, individuals can discover the dominant personality styles that combine to create their personality profiles. The 14 personality styles identified are:

* Vigilant
* Solitary
* Idiosyncratic
* Adventurous
* Mercurial
* Dramatic
* Self-Confident
* Sensitive
* Devoted
* Conscientious
* Leisurely
* Aggressive
* Self-Sacrificing
* Serious

The NPSP is not intended to diagnose or test individuals; rather it address the components of normal personality, to show how the styles combine to create each person's unique imprint, to help individuals understand the conflicting aspects of their personalities, and to assist in locating hidden potential. As well, the New Personality Self-Portrait can facilitate in monitoring the effects of therapy or counseling and adaptations to life changes.

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